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Psychic Oil

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(Product in photo is our 2 oz bottle)

Use this oil to assist you in heightening your innate spiritual abilities.

Practical uses: Use in your spiritual workings, divination practices, anointing your body, dressing your pillows, and etc. It is recommended that you anoint your general ancestor veneration/spirit candles with psychic oil.

Work suggestions: Divinations, mediumship (anointing the body), truth/revealing the truth, bringing information to light, receiving information from the dead.

Associated bible verses: Psalm 49:1-4

None of these oils are intended for internal consumption!!!!

Shake well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
I feel more connected to my ancestors than ever!

My intuition has grown so much stronger since I’ve started using this oil. You can IMMEDIATELY TELL ITS WORKING. Guidance from my ancestors comes in so much clearer & quicker than before! I combine with the uncrossing & blockbuster oil for clear & concise messages. Thank you for these oils and sharing your gifts. It’s so appreciated!

Arrieiana Cowan
Psychic Oil is great

This psychic oil is amazing. I use it in my shampoo and I have really vivid dreams and visions. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with dream recall or needing an extra boost for their intuition. I mix it with uncrossing oil and protection oil and pray for clear messages. Every product I’ve used has been excellent

Isabel Vaughan

Psychic Oil

Angeline THAZAR
Great supportive oil for tired psychics

The thing I did not know existed, didn't know I needed but am so happy I got.
I totally had trouble making head or tails of my dreams, tarot readings and anything spiritual for a while, out of exhaustion and people doing work. Out of everything I bought from C&B conjure, this one is my most used-up roll-on (I bought uncrossing, blockbuster, protection oils also).
I anoint my forehead, and the very top of my head generally. And my hands when I read cards. it does not make me fly or "see things" à la Mme Trelawney much (a big issue of mine!), because I mix it with Pedigree, use it sparingly and asks it NOT to do that. I ask for clear, unambiguous but truthful messages. And it delivers, very soberly I might add. I refuse to wear it to be, but I wake up with "convictions", certainties, urges to do stuff or plain messages heard in my ancestor's voices.
It's an upgrade, because I can even read when tired (more like DEPLETED) and hangry. it also mixes well with protection and blockbuster: I ask them to show me who wishes on my downfall — and they do. It does make one feel "light and floaty" when you're in great shape and if you do ask them otherwise, but I do (personally) not like the feeling of tripping. If you like that "Mary Jane high" you will love it.
It does help to do the work when sitting on the altar or fixing ancestral relations, but it will not do the work in your stead. None of the oil will. They offer great support though.
For the Psychic oil itself… it makes it way more comforting and easier. it does not empty me of energy as fast or as badly (I feel like a sim with all its needs in the red after a reading), especially when it's complicated topics, when I read about people with their protection game UP, or when the reading lasts on and on. Shuffling is a bit easier (I applied a little on some cards with my finger after alittle smoke cleansed) and cards tend to fall less often. If I get flashing images or voices that come to me (I tend to "hear" verbatim quotes or talk with a person's expressions, especially if I ask the dead), they are clearer, sometimes last longer and I remember them longer. I tend to also form more cohesive sentences and piece scattered ideas wayyy more easily. But I'm totally tapped in, and not missing any piece of info. I never blank on any card. I pick up more symbolism and details. My anticipations about the future are more accurate.

As for dreamwork, it gets super intense with it, but with Pedigree it's emotionally easier and more grounding. It's more solution-oriented that way. I remember dreams for real and I have more agency in the dream world. it tends to make one restless if you astral travel lol so be mindful of that.

Wearing it during the day makes me much more susceptible to clocking people's energy, good or bad. If you're especially sensitive to it, please wear a protective oil with it. I "see" people, period, and not just the good. Wearing that in crowded places is not a good idea from my experience, unless you set a particular intention. I did not, I had a reading and forgot to wash it off. I was also spacey but my intuition was sharper.

Overall it's great, especially if you have any type of impediment (mental or physical illness, chronic conditions, roadblock in your spiritual path).

I have yet to use it in candle work, I did not use it when sitting at the altar yet but I'm looking forward to discover more of its uses and effects, and be a bit physically better. but this is like putting on your spiritual glasses and going from 360fp to 4K. Or sharpening your intuition knife to perfection — it makes psychic endeavors easier and so smooth.

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