Psychic Oil

Psychic Oil

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(Product in photo is our 2 oz bottle)

Use this oil to assist you in heightening your innate spiritual abilities.

Practical uses: Use in your spiritual workings, divination practices, anointing your body, dressing your pillows, and etc. It is recommended that you anoint your general ancestor veneration/spirit candles with psychic oil.

Work suggestions: Divinations, mediumship (anointing the body), truth/revealing the truth, bringing information to light, receiving information from the dead.

Associated bible verses: Psalm 49:1-4

None of these oils are intended for internal consumption!!!!

Shake well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Randie Chapman
Psychic Oil Brought Me Closer to My Highest Self

Idk what I thought the psychic oil would do, but my first time using it I felt high and I was really quiet for a long time lol. Then I noticed that I was connecting with my Highest Self throughout the day without needing to meditate first. I am wowed, in awe, and grateful. I feel so connected to my Spirit team and to myself. I put the oil in everything and on everything including candles. I have a little left and I can’t wait until the oil is restocked. Thank you!


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Missouri Taylor

I only used it twice so far makes me very relaxed A little afraid to use to much. After reading other reviews. Owner is very pleasant and response is quick as well as shipping.

Psychic oil 🔥

I’ve had my oil for a while and can’t believe I’m just seeing wea I can leave a review… so yeaaa. The oil 🔥🔥😮‍💨 literally pop it’s Shii! The connection I have when doin my workins are dope af thank you for everything ya do

I feel more connected to my ancestors than ever!

My intuition has grown so much stronger since I’ve started using this oil. You can IMMEDIATELY TELL ITS WORKING. Guidance from my ancestors comes in so much clearer & quicker than before! I combine with the uncrossing & blockbuster oil for clear & concise messages. Thank you for these oils and sharing your gifts. It’s so appreciated!