Martha’s chain breaker oil

Martha’s chain breaker oil

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(Product in photo is our 2 oz bottle)

Psalm 51:7 - Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean: Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. This new oil includes the remnants of our OG uncrossing oil, our blockbuster oil, and both traditional uncrossing and road opening herbs.

Use this oil to break and remove crossed conditions, negative sorcery, negativity, evil eye, obstacles, blockages, and fuckery. 

Practical uses: Anoint your forehead, dress petitions, feed roots, take spiritual baths, and etc with this oil. I recommend that you add a small amount of this oil into your body wash/soap and shampoo.

Work suggestions:Uncrossing work, blockbuster work, money uncrossing work, reversals/revocations, cleansing work

Associated bible verses: Psalm 51:7, Psalm 35:1-9

Song suggestions:

None of these oils are intended for internal consumption!!!!

Shake well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Just what I needed!

Ok listen, this was so worth the wait! I was dealing with a personal issue that was resolved in less than a WEEK after using this oil and doing the suggested work with it. This will be a staple from now on. Thank you for the work you do!


After using the blockbuster oil for the first time, I had a dream that my spirits protected me from someone trying to get revenge from me due to past life wrong doings I did. I included this oil in a bath and whewwww. It does the job on a daily especially when I feel too much people are trying to psychically spy!

So fresh and so clean

The first time I put some on my neck it felt like I'd never been clean until then. This oil gets that muck off and leaves you feeling so so so clean.

Kendra Blackwell
I blinked & my package arrived lol

This was my first time ordering and the shipping was super quick and ordering is easy & straight to the point. Can’t wait to use them, Thank you so much!!

Ori Yarborough
A staple product

Let me tell you one thing about this uncrossing oil, it's gon uncross! It stays in my bag to knock off the funky shit and has been an essential product for me. It has become my conjure Frank's Red Hot cause I put this shit on everything!