High John

High John the Conqueror is a highly respected and elevated spirit within Hoodoo, and yet he is still a very mysterious and undervalued spirit. His stories show us that he is a spirit of black resistance, liberation, and joy - We might call him a trickster, because he tricks the system, our oppresors, and white supremacy. High John the Conqueror is a spirit (and root) that has been worked with in various ways for protection, money, love, luck, victory over obstacles and hardships, and to enhance male virility - most of these uses being added post enslavement as Hoodoo and the spirits within it adapt to the needs of it's people (because all and all, High John is for his people and our needs). There is alot of debate over the proper plant High John is derived from, and while that is important to know, what is also important is that the spirit of High John has been called into the root. (Most High John roots today are actually Ipomoea Jalapa, which is a variety of morning glory plant manufactured in Veracruz, Mexico. Historically in the United States, High John root came from the tuber of a variety of morning glory plant, ipomoea pandurata.)

High John's day is Thursday. His main color is purple, given his royal nature. He eats traditional Afam food, but if you divine you can go further and feed him other things as well. In my experiences, he has a preference for whiskey. 

So you got a root, now what? If you can set up a space for High John's spirit, the root can go there with offerings, and you can take the root with you as you leave your home. If you cannot setup a space, remember you can always carry High John root on a necklace, in a small bag, or simply in your pocket. The roots that I am giving are being fed, prayed over, and being prepared with the spirit of High John. Once you get yours, all you gotta do is wake him up, spit or pour rum or whiskey over the root, and blow cigar smoke over it. You can say a prayer inviting the spirit of High John into your home and life, ask High John to protect you and your home from any and all enemies and those who attempt to oppress you.