3 John’s Blockbuster Oil
3 John’s Blockbuster Oil

3 John’s Blockbuster Oil

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(Product in photo is our 2 oz bottle)

A new twist on the OG blockbuster formula, this oil is formulated to break down and destroy blockages, obstacles, stagnation, opposition, and resistance from your path. Contains High John root, lemon verbena, and other traditional conjure road opening and blockbuster ingredients!!!

Use in spiritual workings, anointing your forehead, spiritual baths, floorwashes, and etc.

None of these oils are intended for internal consumption!!!!

Customer Reviews

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Mbenga M.
Very powerful and fast moving

This blockbuster oil is EVERYTHING! I’ve been using John’s products for about 2 years now and the blockbuster oil helps to strip and remove those blockages and negative craft, but also using it to help open roads and ensure better outcomes with candle workings, petitions etc- I even put a little in my hands, back of neck and throat when I need to speak clearly for my asks and wants. This oil is THE one!

very grateful!

There’s some serious power in this and I’m happy I got a bottle before it sold out. Will be picking up more things later on :)

Kim Burrell
Unable To Provide Feedback…

sadly, due to delivery issues, I never received the 3 john’s blockbuster oil I ordered; however, my refund process went smoothly.

Ashawnee DuBarry

I haven’t got it yet!

Christine Kim

So I've purchased a lot of spiritual items but blockbuster oil WORKS - keeps all the negative juju away!! And keeps me grounded and clear every time I do a prayer with this!! thank you for creating this I will be a regular customer now