December Money drawing service

December Money drawing service

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This is a 9 day lamp service from November 30th 2022 - December 8th 2022 that will be ran with Saint Anthony on behalf of service participants to find and bring financial abundance, financial prosperity, and financial blessings to them.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to send your fullname and birthday to my email!!!

Prayers for this service will be very heavy and well-rounded, so no petitions will be needed. Deadline to purchase and enter ends on the 30th at midnight!!

Customer Reviews

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Listen. I know when it comes to workings and prayers to allow things to unfold when they do. Idk why people expect instant immediate results, and refuse to allow what is being done to work. Anyways….i’ve got an unexpected credit limit increase on one of my credit cards! $2000 increase at that. So I’m extremely pleased with the prayers made on my behalf and will continue to allow them prayers to bring me financial abundance in any form! Thank you!

Edited to add: Just got another increase on another card an extra $300. 💅🏾

Ivy Drew
Fast and Reliable!

I was in your Money Draw group and three blessings have happened for me so far where I went to Target to pick up Kombucha early in the morning and the self-checkout kiosk I was at had $40 just hanging out in the cash dispenser and the next time I went to Target to pick up Kombucha — the brand that I bought was on sale. I was also blessed with a full tank of gas on Sunday that I wasn’t expecting. It’s the gift that keeps giving!! John’s hands are truly anointed and I’m grateful for his services/products!

Scarlet Spit

Money stayed consistent but nothing out of the ordinary occurred during the days the burn lasted. Better than losing money but I expected different results.

Dariques Brantley

Grateful to have joined I am not struggling financially amen success and victory is mine

Mikela Robinson
This man’s work is amazing

My life has been pretty amazing financially. I’m really thankful for this service, things have been great.